Sherry Vachon

Sherry Vachon

 Welcome to the site! 

Hi! I am Sherry Vachon!

I have been working in the background of music all of my life,

and now I am finally pursuing my dream!


Thanks to my growing fan base the first CD "Take Me" has gone worldwide!  THANK YOU!!!!

To help me on my vision I found a wonderful music producer, in addition to being one of the most versatile and talented musicians I have ever met Kerry Clark!

The one thing I love about working with Kerry Clark is his vision.

He always brings out the best in me, as represented by our work together! 

I have a new EP soon to be released entitled

'Couple of Fools'! 

Just like the 'Take Me' EP, this album is a brilliant mix of genres.

My collection of music showcases my ability to mix various styles and genres!

Explore! Listen and Enjoy!

My music is available on Spotify and for purchase here as well as online via

Amazon Digital Music!